ImageEt-Tmara is proud to claim its role as a pioneer in the Hardwood Flooring industry in Saudi Arabia. We first introduced hardwood flooring in the country in the year 2001. We realized that in order to successfully introduce a new product, we needed to deliver the best on the market.  This search led us to choose Mirage Floors, the no. 1 producer of hardwood flooring in the world. Et-Tmara has exclusive distribution rights for Mirage Floors in the Middle East. Thanks to the uncompromising quality of both our products and our service, we have successfully revolutionized the flooring market in the country.

Hardwood gives you a long-overdue break from the regular marble or ceramic floors that you find everywhere. In addition, it helps to reduce dust and pollen from your homes by eliminating the need for carpet. These floors are engineered to withstand the climate of this region, making it the perfect choice for your home. Our installation team has been trained in Canada so that we can provide you with the same level of quality in the installation as the production of our floors. The result is a floor that is sure to take your breath away - every time you look at it!